Why get hearing aids?

An estimated 36 million adults in the U.S. have some form of hearing loss. Many people seek out hearing aids because their family members or friends have told them they think they might have hearing loss. Sometimes it’s hard for people to get past the stigma and admit they’re suffering from hearing loss.

Some of the first signs of hearing loss include difficulty hearing background noise and women and children’s voices. Also, people suffering from hearing loss might have trouble hearing conversations over the phone.

What happens when you get fitted for hearing aids?

Before you buy your hearing aids, you will likely want to talk with someone about what options work best for you. If you go to an audiologist, you will undergo a comprehensive hearing test to find out how much and what kind of hearing loss you have.

To begin, an audiologist will look in your ear to see if you have a buildup of wax or fluid. Sometimes it’s simply wax or fluid plugging your ear, which can be treated medically.

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