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When in a group, do you find it difficult to keep up with the conversation?
Do you often complain about others mumbling or not speaking clearly?
Do you have difficulty understanding what someone else is saying when you are in a crowded place (restaurant, store, office, etc.)?
Do others complain that you have the volume of your TV or radio turned up too high?
Are you sometimes embarrassed to find out that you have responded inappropriately to a question that someone has asked?
Do you hear ringing or other sounds in your ears?
Do you find it harder to understand people when you are not face-to-face with them?
Do/did your parents or other close relatives experience hearing loss?
Have you ever worked around loud noise such as machinery, aircraft, alarms, sirens, etc.?
Have you ever participated in recreational activities that exposed you to very loud sounds such as shooting guns, motorcycles, woodworking, loud music, etc.?
Have you been diagnosed with a heart or circulatory ailment, diabetes, autoimmune or thyroid condition?
Have you ever been surprised to see a police car, fire engine or ambulance right behind you while driving before you heard their siren?

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