Hearing Aids for Oklahoma City and Ardmore


Styletto Connect

The Look You Want with the Features You Need.

In today’s digital age, we tend to rely on our devices more than ever. We want them to be connected, rechargeable, and overall enhance our lives. We also want them to have a modern look and feel. Hearing aids are no exception.

From rechargeability to smartphone connectivity and audio streaming, Signia’s Styletto Connect delivers a hearing aid that meets the most demanding consumer needs. It also has a sleek design that’s lightweight for maximum comfort. Most importantly though, Styletto Connect delivers crystal clear sound and a superior hearing experience.

Hear Your Voice Clearly with OVP

Some hearing aid wearers don’t like how their voice sounds when wearing hearing aids. It can be too loud, mechanical, or tinny. This happens because the hearings aids pick up the wearer’s voice and amplify it along with all other sounds. But Signia’s Own Voice Processing (OVP™) feature uses advanced technology to detect your own voice, and process it separately. As a result, you can hear your own voice as it was meant to be heard while still hearing other sounds as clearly as possible.

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