Hearing Aids for Oklahoma City and Ardmore



ReSound ONE™ is, an entirely new class of hearing aids with a new option that positions a third microphone inside your ear. This allows you to collect the whole sound, so you get closer than ever to the natural hearing experience.  

The technology inside ReSound ONE hearing aids gives you everything you need to process sound with greater depth and direction including:  

  • Up to 30% better hearing in noise
  • Up to 30% better speech understanding in the toughest listening environments.

ReSound ONE truly keeps you connected to the people and technology you love with direct audio streaming to your hearing aids from your favorite Apple® and Android™ devices. The rechargeable battery life is the best in the industry, with up to 30 hours of power on a single charge, or up to 25 hours of battery life with unlimited streaming.

Call and schedule an appointment today to see if the ReSound ONE hearing aids would be right for your specific hearing loss.

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