FOR HEARING AID USERS, some listening situations are more problematic than others. Listening in noisy surroundings, for example, can be more problematic than listening in quiet situations. The ability to focus on specific sounds is reduced when you have hearing loss. Everyday sounds such as noise from a dishwasher or several people talking at the same time can become disturbing background sounds.

Normally, we associate being at home with relaxation and quiet surroundings. For people with normal hearing, most household sounds are insignificant. But for those of us with hearing loss, everyday sounds such as the dishwasher, water dripping from a faucet or noise from a vacuum cleaner can be irritating and disturbing. When sounds from the radio or television are mixed together with people talking they can become disturbing too.

Hearing aid users experience the quality of music, whether live or recorded, in very different ways. Some find that music heard through a hearing aid sounds natural, while others find that it differs from the way they expect it to sound.

If you have a hearing aid with multiple programs, your Oklahoma Hearing Center Audiologist can provide you with a program designed for amplifying music.

Hearing aids definitely help people with hearing loss so they can use their remaining hearing effectively. However, in difficult listening situations, this does not change the fact that the ability to communicate effortlessly will not be the same as for people with normal hearing.

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