Why You Should Buy Your Hearing Aids at an Audiology Clinic


Since August of 2017, adults have been legally able to buy hearing aids over-the-counter without first seeing a licensed hearing professional, but is this really a good idea? While it may work out to be cheaper, you should know that a hearing aid is not simply a tool that make sounds louder. It’s a complex medical device that needs to be tuned to your specific needs. An audiology clinic can help you determine the cause of your hearing loss and set you up with the device that will best help you hear better. Here are some additional reasons why you should buy your hearing aids at hearing center clinics.

An Audiologist Is With You From Start to Finish

An audiologist will take a multi-step approach to testing your hearing, giving you an in-depth look at and recommendations for your hearing loss. After deciding which device will do the best job at helping you enhance your hearing, they’ll give you a hearing aid fitting to make sure your device lays comfortably in your ear and addresses your weaknesses. You won’t get that with an OTC hearing aid. The doctor may also suggest devices that make voices on the telephone louder or that help you hear better in noisy environments that you can’t buy at a discount warehouse, as well as help you discover any underlying illnesses that may be causing your hearing loss. An audiologist’s job is to make your life easier and more enriched. They are your guide to better hearing from the moment you walk through their door to the follow-up care they offer for long-term success.

An Audiologist Knows the Benefits of New Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing aid technology changes every year with new features meant to help those that wear them. An audiologist can help you wade through the various technological advances to find a hearing aid that works best for your situation. They’ve been trained to understand everything from flexible models to bluetooth hearing aids and can pass that knowledge on to you.

An Audiologist Can Help You Troubleshoot

If you buy your hearing aids over the counter, you won’t have the support system offered by an audiology clinic. A good audiologist will show you how to remove and replace hearing aid batteries, clean, and maintain the device as well as troubleshoot any problems such as whistling or a loose fit.

Even though access to hearing aids has expanded, buying a device yourself at a store probably is not the best way to improve your hearing. You should always be checked for underlying issues and get a proper fitting from professionals at hearing center clinics for the best results.

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