Why You Should Seek Treatment from Whitney L. Woods, Au.D., CCC-A, for Your Hearing Loss


You might be tempted to put off treatment when you start noticing signs of hearing loss but taking care of your health in all its different aspects is very important. Hearing aid warehouses may sound like a great way to save money, but in reality, you need to be treated by an experienced audiologist to prevent further problems. Learn the reasons why and see how Whitney L. Woods, Au.D., CCC-A, can help you improve your life.

Hearing Loss Can Lead to Other Related Conditions

Did you know that elderly people with hearing issues who do not seek treatment from a hearing loss doctor have a higher risk of developing dementia? Brain tissue deteriorates faster without stimulation. Adults also have a higher risk of other serious comorbidities such as isolation, depression and an increased risk of falling in older persons. But co-conditions are not only for adults. Children can have permanent hearing loss as well, which can lead to developmental issues with speech and language patterns. For these reasons, early treatment is extremely important. An audiologist can watch for related health concerns, giving you specific care for your hearing health and everything it can affect.

Hearing Aid Dispensaries Can Lead to Frustration

While hearing aids can be expensive due to the big technology packed into such a tiny device, dispensaries, warehouses and hearing aid dealers are not the best solution. While you may get a cheaper price for hearing aids, you also get an unfitted hearing aid which can lead to a device that blocks your hearing instead of helping it or a hearing device that whistles or has interference. Because the hearing aid is not tuned to your specific hearing needs, you’ll make up for your savings with the frustration they bring. Hearing aids will be a big investment no matter where you buy them. Isn’t it worth the peace of mind to schedule an appointment and get professionally fitted by your hearing loss doctor?

Whitney L. Woods Brings a Lot to the Table

Whitney Woods, Au.D. has been with the Oklahoma Hearing Center since May of 2016. She has a passion for matching the right hearing loss technology with each patient by listening to their individual needs. She handles audiologic evaluations, otoacoustic emission and immittance testing, hearing aid validation and videonystagmography testing in addition to osseointegrated device and hearing aid evaluations and fittings. She has experience with and can treat many different hearing problems.

Dr. Woods is well trained, getting her Doctorate in Audiology in 2013 from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in Oklahoma City and completing her externship at various clinics throughout the city’s metro area for a well-rounded education. She also has experience from working at another Oklahoma City hearing clinic before her time with the Oklahoma Hearing Center – giving her the knowledge she needs to treat you and your family.

If you’re ready to get your hearing trouble under control, come to our clinic to see Dr. Woods or one of our other expert Audiologists.

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