Siemens Rechargeable Battery


Do you have arthritis in your fingers?  For some hearing aid users, it is a struggle to change out the little batteries in the hearing aids.  Siemens Hearing Aids has a solution that is very popular with our patients!  This is ideal for patients who don’t want the fuss of changing batteries, Cellion automatically turns off the hearing aid and turns on the charging as soon as it is placed in the charger.  With such fantastic electronics, the battery turns back on automatically when it is removed for the charging station.  The rechargeable lithium-ion powered battery lasts 24 hours straight and with no contacts or battery door, its design makes it incredibly easy to use.

This sleek, best hearing aid is packed with technology, too.  The Cellion primax hearing aid has unlimited streaming.  The recharging station has three different LED indicators which clearly display the status and progress of both hearing aid power cells.  PLUS, while recharging, the charger dehumidifies the hearing aids which helps with improved care and longer service life.

The charging station is easy to use, no temperamental charging contacts to align.  Cellion simply rests in the cradle and automatically starts charging.  The charger is smaller than a business card and light-weight too, making it easy to carry.  It takes approximately four hours for a full charge, a 30 minute “top off” provides seven hours of use.  The Cellion inductive charger is compatible with a wide range of power packs using the standard USB connection similar to mobile devices.

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