Hearing Loss: Thriving at Work

When people think about those who suffer from hearing loss, they may wonder what it would be like. It can be difficult to imagine all of the different ways that hearing loss could impact one’s daily life.

In particular, when it comes to work and professional life—depending on the level of hearing loss and the work environment—challenges seem like they would be many.

While this may be the case for some, we at the Oklahoma Hearing Center want to share hope and positivity in this area. There may be challenges for someone with hearing loss in the workplace, but, as we learn from this positive and inspiring video, they can be overcome.

Watch this video and hear from two people who talk about how they thrive at work even with their hearing loss. Their stories help to dispel the myth that those who are hearing impaired can’t function just as well as everyone else in the workplace, and share their stories and ideas on how they make it work well. If anything, their stories are inspirational, and demonstrate that people can do anything they put their minds to. It also helps to have a supportive work community.

Also, OOA wants to remind our patients that there is so much great technology out there nowadays. People who have hearing loss have so many great options in these modern times that help to support them in their work life as well as their everyday life.

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