Hearing Loss & The Today Show

People tend to think of hearing loss as something that mostly impacts the elderly, or, as an inevitability of getting older. As it turns out, hearing loss is impacting people under 65, and the degree to which this is happening is related to modern day life.

There are different types of hearing loss—sometimes it is only certain frequencies of hearing that are being lost, so people do not realize that they have hearing loss issues.

The audiologists at OHC want you to know as much as possible about the impacts of hearing loss as well as the incredible opportunities there are these days in relation to hearing aids and the modern technology associated with hearing loss.

Getting your hearing checked can be a life-changing experience, as there are so many fantastic modern day hearing aids that can make the difference between poor hearing and excellent hearing. And, the hearing aids of today are not the clunky ones you may remember from when you were a child. Modern hearing aids are small, sleek, have longer battery life, and are barely noticeable when worn. Some even have remote microphones that can help to hone in on the sounds you want to hear.

Watch this video excerpt from the Today Show where Matt Lauer gets his own hearing checked, as well as getting a view into another man with different hearing issues finding exciting solutions.

This is an inspiring story of two men who discovered their own hearing loss and how they were able to change their lives forever simply by getting their hearing checked.

Come in and get your hearing checked today at OHC. We are your Oklahoma hearing experts.

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