Are Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids Truly Beneficial?


People can now access over-the-counter hearing aids, but are they truly beneficial? As with cheap reading glasses, the kind you pick up at the drugstore when you have misplaced your good pair, low-priced hearing aids offer a very basic level of help with Oklahoma hearing care. It is essential to understand that this option is no real solution to hearing loss. The best option is to visit an expert audiologist who will professionally assess and treat your hearing loss.

Over-the-counter hearing aids are sold at booths setup in large retail stores.  These booths are staffed with technicians instead of a true Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) which leads to major concerns when addressing your hearing loss.

There are many factors to consider when seeking hearing care from only a technician which include:

  • The patient’s hearing may not be properly tested

  • The wrong hearing aid may be recommended and purchased

  • The hearing aid may not be adjusted properly to the specific individual

  • Overall satisfaction with your hearing aid may be low leading to inconsistent use

Hearing Loss and The Complexity Of The Human Brain

A low-cost, over-the-counter hearing aid may not be able to address your hearing loss as it may not provide the user with their optimal hearing experience. The human brain is very complex and the way it deals with hearing loss is equally complicated. Hearing healthcare professionals in Oklahoma, the kind you will only experience at the very reputable Oklahoma Hearing Center, can explain how your brain changes due to hearing loss. These brain adaptations lead to processing certain types of information differently to effectively cope with the loss of sound. Ultimately, restoring your hearing deals with a lot more than “increasing the volume” of your environment. The hearing healthcare providers at Oklahoma Hearing Center provide a much more personalized experience than what you will experience at any over-the-counter quick-fix hearing aid booth.

Modern Hearing Aid Technological Advancements

Hearing aid technology is incredibly advanced and high-tech, giving users an all-natural and much improved hearing experience compared to years past. Over-the-counter models mostly do not replicate this because they are not chosen for the patient by a true professional audiologist. It is essential to keep in mind that a temporary fix is incomparable to a high-quality, custom fit hearing aid.  Only the audiologists at Oklahoma Hearing Center are licensed Oklahoma hearing care professionals and can assess your degree of hearing loss, learn about your life style and hearing expectations and recommend which hearing aid would best suit your particular situation.

The hearing specialists of Oklahoma Hearing Center are conveniently located throughout Oklahoma City, Norman and Edmond. Find the clinic closest to you and give them a call to schedule your appointment, 405.562.1810.

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