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The Best Hearing Aids for Elementary and High School Students

For teens and children with hearing loss, it’s important to get a diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible. It is especially vital to young kids who are still learning speech because hearing is needed […]

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Hearing Loss and the Baby Boomers Generation

Baby boomers, the generation born between 1946 and 1964, have grown to be the largest group experiencing hearing loss today. According to the Better Hearing Institute, 14.6 percent of people in this […]

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What Is Sensorineural Hearing Loss and How Does It Affect Communication in Children?

Sensorineural hearing loss is based on problems with the auditory nerve and inner ear. The more damage you have, the worse your hearing is. You may find that some pitches are harder […]

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How the Rinne and Weber Tests Are Used to Detect Conductive Hearing Loss

When checking for conductive hearing loss, doctors may issue tests to help them come up with a treatment plan so you can adjust to the changes. Rinne and Weber tests are the […]

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What Does a Hearing Test Entail?

If you suspect you have hearing loss, it may be time to visit a specialist to be sure. Hearing loss is often a gradual process that can be hard to notice until the symptoms start […]

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What You Need to Know About Cochlear Implant Surgery

If you are experiencing hearing loss, but hearing aids don’t work for you, your Oklahoma ear specialist may talk to you about considering a cochlear implant. People who rely heavily on reading […]

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