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More Important Hearing Loss Statistics

There is a certain ethos about hearing loss that leaves many people grappling with only the myths and stigma. We think that hearing loss is rare, only for the old, only for those exposed to big explosions and heavy equipment or it’s a defect that some are born with. However, the truth about actual hearing [...]

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Airplane Blues: The Final Word on Ear-Popping

It's that time of year again: time to make plans, book a flight, and take a few well-deserved days off somewhere far away from your obligations. Spring Break means travel, and more often than not, travel means flying. But for many, the discomfort of flying means opening this wonderful time of year up with a [...]

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How Sound and Music Affect Your Mood (And Increase Brain Development)

Everyone loves a good song. From forming the tone of your teenage years to making your commute more manageable, music has the potential to greatly affect our lives. However, not much is known scientifically about the way music and sound impact our psychologies. Though music has long been connected to the release of hormones like [...]

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What Happens When Your Eardrum Breaks?

We've all heard the warnings: sticking foreign objects in your ear is no good. But did you know it's because you run the risk of breaking your eardrum? Called a “Perforated” or “Ruptured” eardrum, this condition can result in a loss of hearing in the affected ear, an increased risk of infection for the delicate [...]

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Musicians Struggling with Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is always a difficult, life-changing condition. However, when music is your passion, dealing with hearing loss can be especially difficult. Musicians with hearing loss face a number of unique issues. Due to the physical nature of most acoustic instruments, it is possible for many musicians who suffer from hearing loss to still engage [...]

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Apps for the Hard of Hearing

We live in an age when the phone an average person carries around in their pocket rivals the computing power of the most advanced computers of even ten years ago. With technology like that at our fingertips, the ability to enhance everyday life for those of us who suffer from hearing loss has never been [...]

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Hearing Loss and Anxiety: A New Study

It is widely known and accepted that hearing loss is connected to a decline in cognitive function in elderly subjects. Now, however, a new study seeks to explore the connection between hearing loss in the elderly and the growth of anxiety in older populations.   Photo Credit The study, presented by Kevin J. Contrera of [...]

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Hearing Loss in Children

It's hard to think about children coping with hearing loss from infancy. At such a vulnerable point in their linguistic development, many children diagnosed with moderate to severe hearing loss are at risk of missing out on important language-skill milestones, and as such are more often prone to difficulties later in life. Not much is [...]

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Overcoming Hearing Aid Limitations with Technology

Over the past thirty years, developments in hearing aid services have allowed doctors worldwide to provide superior care to those patients who suffer from hearing loss. However, due to the physical limitations of both the hearing aid's construction and the physiological issues behind hearing loss, there are still a number of issues to be overcome—issues [...]

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Patients and their Psychosocial Concerns

Poost-Foroosh, Jennings, and colleagues (2011) reported eight key factors occurring between the patient and Audiologist that may influence the decision to purchase hearing aids: Patient comfort An understanding of and provision for patient needs Patient-centered traits and actions Acknowledgement of the patient as an individual Imposition of undue pressure and discomfort Presentation of device information [...]

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