Tips to Take Care of Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are incredible devices that can help people with hearing a loss to regain their independence. It should not be surprising however that the devices are also a little on the sensitive side with all the astonishing technology associated with hearing devices. You should be able to use it safely and without trouble, with the right care and attention. Here are a few ideas for OKC experts to ensure that your hearing aids are less likely to malfunction and that costs you repair.

Avoid Moisture

Hearing aids include very advanced technology and small shell circuitry. It can cause severe damage when exposed to moisture. Although hearing aids are now water resistant, you should remove them when you shower or swim. Dry it right away with a towel when it comes into contact with water. Please do not use a hairdryer or another heated appliance to dry them, as they can be damaged by high heat. If you need, find a specialized hearing aids dehumidifier in OKC stores for your devices.

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Restrict Earwax

Earwax is one of the most notable causes of lower hearing aid performance. Unfortunately, your devices cannot be prevented from coming into contact with earwax. It's important, therefore, to take time and clean them often. Take a dry cotton swab or soft toothbrush after each day when your hearing aids are used and remove any possible earwax or debris on the device. Notice that the receiver and microphone are being cleaned.

Wax Filter

Some hearing aids have earwax filters, but they can obstruct them quite quickly. Changing these filters periodically is important as you could damage your device. Be aware that not all filters are the same; tell your listeners which one to use –and how to change it.

Knowing that not all devices use the same filters is important. You can ask hearing aids service provider in Edmond, OK, about your need and show how to change for your specific device.

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Routine Cleaning

While at home cleaning and taking care of the devices can make your hearing aid life much better; a professional should still care for them. Think of it like bringing your car into the mechanic; they can find something you may have missed, which needs repairs. You can also adjust your devices to suit your needs more effectively.

Change the Batteries

If your devices are left in for longer periods, hearing aid batteries can cause damage. The trapped humidity can cause corrosion and damage the batteries. Note that when devices are not used, you open the battery door. Turn off the device when you are not using them to save the battery usage. If you do not use your devices for some reason for a few days, it is advised to remove batteries temporarily.

Remember to clean the battery contacts in your devices when you change batteries. You can do this by washing them carefully with a dry cotton swab. If your devices have dirty battery contacts, a poor connection, and lower performance can be created. Call the professionals of hearing aids in OKC for help.

Keep It out of Pet and Children

Keep your hearing aids away from children and animals. Removed but not disabled devices produce high sounds that may make some dogs worse.


The enemy of all hearing aids is screwdrivers and oil. Contacting the electronic or micro-mechanical systems results in irreparable damage. Sensitive technology can be destroyed by improper handling. It is extremely sensitive.

You should pass your hearing aid over and over to a professional in OKC for hearing aids’ cleaning. Your device will continue working in the future for a long time.

Come to us at Oklahoma Hearing Center and get hearing aids and all possible tips regarding it.

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