Tinnitus and Hearing Loss – Connection and Difference

Tinnitus is very prevalent in the United States and affects approximately 50 million adults. The situation is just an annoyance for most individuals. However, tinnitus can make it difficult for individuals to concentrate and sleep in severe instances. It can interfere finally with the job and personal connections, leading to psychological distress.

People of Oklahoma City are confused with tinnitus treatment. Tinnitus is often linked to hearing loss, but it does not cause the loss, and tinnitus does not lead to hearing loss. Some individuals with tinnitus have no trouble listening, and they even have to take measures to muffle or mask internal sounds, if they are acutely susceptible to sound.

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Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

Sound is drawn to the inner ear through the inner ear and the middle ear. Inside the inner ear, microscopic hair cells carry the noise to the brain via the auditory nerves. The outer ear, a sensory nerve, center ear, hair cells, or brain could be a cause of loss of ear at any point of this process.

Of course, at any time during the process, tinnitus can be created too! Tinnitus, for instance, may be triggered by wax impaction in the ear canal, mid-ear conditions such as liquid and Meniere's Syndrome, damage to the cells of the hair of the internal ear, and by an improper firing of the neurons in the brain.

Absent Audiological Input

Medical research conducted over recent years has shown that tinnitus is caused by nervous nerve activity absent or decreased, which connects the damaged portion of the internal ore with the central nervous system of the brain. Through the signals travel to the brain center, this leads to enhanced nervous activity. When this enhanced activity reaches the brain's hearing center, a sound is heard even if the ear is not capturing any noise. It is known as tinnitus.

Spontaneous Brain Signal

Medical research shows that the absence of audiological data from the inner ear to the brain spontaneously sends signals to the brain that are interpreted as noise to the audiological nervous system between the inner ear and the brain, namely, tinnitus. The audiologist can help you in tinnitus treatment in Oklahoma City.

The humans had tinnitus in most animal tests with a sensory loss. Other studies showed that people with a lower hearing level are more susceptible to hearing fantastic sounds.

The Cause Is All Same

As the same "misfunction" in our hearing scheme caused or probably caused both hearing loss and tinnitus, it is highly probable that if you have tinnitus, you will also suffer hearing loss. We often see this.

Why does this happen? Since ear issues do not cause tinnitus, there are other causes. Tinnitus can be caused, for example, by medicines, stress, heart illness, elevated blood pressure, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

Therefore, everyone with tinnitus has a hearing loss in some way. Not everyone with a hearing loss has tinnitus too, on the other side. An audiologist can usually help to make your symptoms less troublesome by using an audio aid, a white noise machine, or a comparable device.

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If you are having auditory problems, you can consult our specialists at Oklahoma Hearing Center. Our professional can help you with the tinnitus treatment in Oklahoma City.

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