Overview of Sensorineural Hearing Loss

It may be a very scary and worrying experience to suddenly lose your hearing. Hearing loss for a majority can be a step up, but you might have a disease called Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss if you experience a sudden loss.

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It is a severe disorder that can influence any person of any era irrespective of prior hearing problems. SSHL suddenly drops in audiences (12 hours or less) as the name implies. Some individuals realize that a 'pop' can deteriorate noticeably and very fast before their hearing falls. Wake up to this situation is not unusual.

Common Causes of Hearing Loss

  • Infection

  • Head Trauma

  • Inner Ear Disease

  • Blood Circulation

  • Immunologic

  • Metabolic

  • Unknown Cause (Idiopathic)

  • Toxicity

  • Stress

Since there are several factors for a person's sudden sensorineural hearing loss for days or week before looking for medical attention, too often, a loss of hearing is discarded. This is due to the prevalent misunderstanding that ore wax or nasal congestion are merely affected. Although this may be the case, you must be distinguished by a medical professional. In cases of Sudden sensorineural hearing loss time, the enemy has direct relationships to the time that a patient presents the ENT so that some or all of your hearing can recover.

The Options of Treatment

  • Systematic Steroids: This is the most effective one within one to three days.

  • Antiviral Mediations is effective within three days.

  • Intratympanic Steroid Injection is effective within seven days.

What to Do After Hearing Loss?

  • Visit the audiologist directly.

  • Get your hearing test for a treatment.

  • Your first place of medical contact may be an emergency room when your sensorineural hearing loss accompanied by other symptoms such as headaches, vertigo, weariness or imbalance. It is essential for you or a dear man to note that the hearing changes suddenly and to call for an audition exam or ENT immediately. Emergency room staff are often not trained to detect sudden hearing loss, so assessing your hearing is not a top priority. The issue for your hearing is your duty.

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A sensorineural hearing loss therapy can be carried out after primary treatment, depending on the level of hearing loss, using hearing aids. Please contact your closest audiology clinic after primary medical treatment has ended to assist you to resolve your communication problems and together you can find the best solution for yourself.

**Disclaimer: No content on this page intends to offer the advice of a healthcare professional nor creates a provider-patient relationship.