Hearing test – How Does a Professional Help

Sometimes our customers are surprised that we insist on a recent audiological assessment conducted by a certified hearing aid specialist in Oklahoma. After all, hearing tests are so comfortable.

For different reasons, we emphasize a recent hearing evaluation carried out by an authorized listener:

They need a precise hearing profile programming to benefit from the high-performance levels of auditory devices fully. We sell only highly advanced premium hearing aids.

It is essential to know why you hear with difficulties. Listening devices may not provide you with the right solution. A hearing attendant examines your ears with an otoscope to find out about any problems in the ear canal or with the eardrum. Sometimes a compact wax or even water in your ear can simply cause hearing loss.

Professional assessments or hearing tests in OKC are comprehensive, reliable, and conform to industry rules and best practices.

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Hearing Test

The hearing tests do not involve pain. Most occur in a quiet, sound treatment room or enclosure that prevents other noises, such as the heater, the air conditioner, or the office environment. You are asked to wear headphones or soft earplugs with wires connected to a device called an audiometer for testing.

The sound treatment stand can also be equipped with speakers for testing children, small children, or people who need to be tested with hearing aids or cochlear implants.

Your hearing aid specialist in Oklahoma will contact you once at the stand and guide your headphones. The listener is asked to listen to tones in various pitches and volumes and press or lift his hand when he hears them. You have to focus and understand carefully because even if the tone sounds very soft, you can barely hear it, you need to respond carefully. The test measures the most delicate sounds you can hear every time you test. Pure sound audiometry is this section of the test.

Speech audiometry is another component of most auditory tests and instead of pure tones, uses recorded or live speech. The language portion of the exam evaluates the softest sounds you can hear and understand. You will then be asked to repeat words presented at a very higher level to see how accurately you can understand them. Some practitioners use speech sounds to determine your most convenient listening level and the most upper limits of listening comfort.

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The practitioner can perform tympanometry and an acoustic reflex test, if necessary. A soft plug that changes the pressure and produces sounds is placed on the ear for these tests. This determines how well your tree moves and measures the medium ear muscle reflex reactions.

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