Hearing Specialists and Their Functions

More than 30% of people aged 65 to 75 are estimated to have some hearing loss. Moreover, there is hearing loss in more than half of people aged over 75. These individuals mainly see specialists in hearing aids because people with other auditory disorders are usually referred to the ENT physicians and audiologists in OKC. To diagnose and help patients with hearing loss or hearing complaints, these specialists play an important role.

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About Hearing Aid Specialists

A specialist in hearing aids is a professional who evaluates hearing problems and recommends the best hearing aid to make the hearing experience better. Hearing loss is common among the elderly, but also affects some young people. Although aging is the primary cause of hearing loss, other sources include loud noise, tumors, infections, a broken tube or an earwax buildup in the canal.

Functions of Hearing Aid Specialists

To guarantee the success of the hearing rehabilitation process, the hearing aid specialist shall see every patient before the process. They will take information about the background of the patient, their family, and their workplaces to understand their exposure to noise. This is in the protocol for hearing aid specialists in Oklahoma by the Association of Hearing Aid Specialists.

  • This specialist conducts a detailed study, performs the corresponding hearing tests after the patient's questionnaire has been filled out to analyze accurately and see which hearing aid is most suitable for the patient's specific needs. To begin the study, the medical test called an audiometric hearing test is carried out to assess the condition of the hearing of the patient. The specialist assesses the result and selects the appropriate type of hearing aid after the patients have established hearing thresholds along with their hearing loss and condition of their auditory system.

  • Next, for making an impression, they must examine the form of the ear and ear canal. This is achieved by putting a paste in the ear canal that solidifies the selected hearing aid and serves as a mold.

  • The specialist then adjusts and configures the hearing aid according to the needs of the patient and places it in the ear to test for the correct functioning. Subsequently, the audiologists in OKC conduct regular tests to prevent any problems, ensure proper maintenance of the device and advise the patient on its use.

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Hearing Aid Specialists

Each country has its own needs to know what a hearing aid specialist needs training and experience. In general, in each country, hearing aid experts are licensed. Overseas requirements for licensing hearing aid specialists are provided throughout the country by the American Speech Language Hearing Association.

Hearing aid specialists in Oklahoma at our Oklahoma Hearing Center are each dedicated to helping Oklahomans hear better. They are smart, inquisitive, kind, patient, empathetic and logical. Come to us and get your diagnosis and treatment done without any hassle for clear hearing.

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