Hearing Loss – Information to Guide You

Hearing loss which progressively occurs as you age is common. Hearing loss affected approximately one-third of Americans between 65 and 75 years of age. This number is roughly 1 in 2 for those older than 75. Hearing loss, however, is not especially age-related, but typically begins to degrade in the 30’s. The slow and gradual decrease makes it hardly apparent.


For signs you need to visit an audiologist in OKC, hearing loss may include these signs and symptoms:

  • Trouble in hearing consonants

  • Muted speech and other sounds

  • The tendency to raise the volume of the TV

  • Difficulty understanding words, when there is any background noise or a crowd

  • Frequently asking for louder, slower and clearer speech

  • Withdrawal away from some social gatherings

  • Keeping oneself from conversations

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The Process of Hearing

The three main areas of your ear are the external, middle and inner ear. Sound vibrations pass through the outer ear and cause the eardrum to vibrate. The eardrum along with the three small bones of the middle ear pass the vibration to the inner ear. The snail-like structure in the inner ear passes the vibrations through a liquid. The many tiny hairs linked to the neurons in the cochlea transform the acoustic waves into electrical signals and transmits to your brain. These signals are turned into sound perception by your brain.

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Causes of Hearing Loss

Ear doctors in OKC treat various causes behind losing your hearing ability. Some of those are as follows:

Inner Age Damage

Aging and loud noise exposure can cause the hairs or nerve cells of the cochlea to get wear and tear and send weaker or distorted sound signals into the brain. Electrical signals will not be passed as efficiently when these hair or nerve cells are damaged or missing, and hearing loss occurs.


Earwax can prevent the conduction of sound waves and block the ear canal. The removal of earwax may help you restore your hearing. Consult the ear doctor in OKC for earwax removal. Otherwise you may damage your ears trying it yourself.

Torn Eardrum

Loud noise blasts, sudden pressurized changes, poking inside the ear and infection, can break your eardrum and cause your hearing to be affected.

Infection and Growths

Any ear infection and unusual growth of bone or muscle in the outer or middle ear may lead to hearing loss.

What’s Next?

The first step is to come to Oklahoma Hearing Center and take a hearing test when you notice signs of hearing failure. Do not just suppose you need a hearing aid. The declining hearing ability may be an early sign of something more serious, and thus an overall hearing health test is a necessary step. Listening tests take little time and provide you with a deep understanding of your auditory well-being.

Our team of audiologists in OKC will recommend you the best auditory aid or treatment according to your hearing loss level and cause after the test. Our suggestions for hearing aids are usually based on:

  • The test that determines the severity of your hearing loss

  • Your lifestyle

  • Your comfort

  • Your budget

Our specialists at Oklahoma Hearing Center provide a comprehensive fitting service to ensure that you have the right hearing system. Hearing systems are something you will wear constantly, so they must be super comfortable. If you need more information, feel free to contact our ear doctors in OKC.

**Disclaimer: No content on this page intends to offer the advice of a healthcare professional nor creates a provider-patient relationship.