Hearing Loss - How Young People are Affected

You all may believe that with age, your hearing ability will get feeble. However, young people can also suffer from hearing loss. Studies reveal that the amount of young people who have hearing loss has increased lately. There are different causes of hearing loss that you must know. It has nothing to do with aging. Read on to unveil the actual cause of hearing loss and consult an ear doctor in OKC to learn your options.

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Different Causes of Losing Hearing Ability

There have been many researchers who investigated to find out how children and young adults suffer from hearing problems. Since the 1990s, the ratio has increased to 30%. According to reports of the World Health Organization (WHO), 1.1 billion people between the ages of 12-35 develop the risk of losing hearing.

Have you ever wondered what could be the reason behind such terrifying data? Although the reasons like genetics, side effects, or any illness cannot be avoided, there is no denial of the fact that the primary cause is noise-included hearing loss.

The primary cause of hearing loss is the excessive use of headphones and earbuds, mostly among teenagers. Apart from that, going to concerts and bars where the ears are continuously exposed to loud music can also damage the hearing ability. Over-exposure to loud music starts taking a toll on your hearing ability. Despite the cautionary measures related to listening to loud music, no one is keener to follow it.

Obesity is also another important reason for hearing loss. According to a study conducted by Oklahoma University, it has been found that almost 15-16% of obese adolescents suffer from hearing loss. Most of them try to consult a hearing aid specialist in Oklahoma.

Measures That You Can Take to Avoid Hearing Loss

Doctors say that 60% of childhood hearing loss is preventable. The key is to limit the exposure of your ears to loud music so that your hearing ability is not jeopardized any more. Some of the measures that you can take are:

  • It is suggested not to increase the volume of your phone more than 60% while using headphones.

  • You can also wear ear protection while attending any live concert with loud music.

  • For obese people, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key.

  • Make nutritious food choices and stay active.

Apart from these simple measures, it is essential to go for a hearing test occasionally. Contact Oklahoma Hearing Center and get in touch with a hearing aid specialist in Oklahoma without any hassle. It is high time to act and protect your hearing ability.

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