Hearing Aids – Conductive Hearing Loss

Conductive hearing loss (CHL) is caused when the outside or middle ear is obstructed or damaged, preventing the sonic travel to the eardrum and small bones in the inner ear. Ears can be blocked by something such as earwax or fluids or by an infection or illness. Hearing loss may occur. There is also a possible cause of an ear infection or a perforated eardrum. Conductive loss of hearing usually reduces the sound which is temporary or permanent. A conductive loss is similar to the blocked ear. Therefore, you can opt for bone conduction hearing aid.

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Conductive Hearing Loss Symptoms

The loudness of sounds, but not clarity, is primarily affected by CHL. The following symptoms may be present:

  • Hearing difficulties

  • A sense that your voice sounds different

  • A sense of pain in one ear or both

  • Pressure feeling of one ear or both

  • A strange odor in the ear

The symptoms may vary according to the root cause of the ear, or the various symptoms may occur simultaneously. CHL people often discover that the increase in the volume of TVs, music or radio is everything they need to improve their hearing skills. Even if not ideal, the condition could be temporarily fixed quickly until it is correctly addressed. Conducting and sensorineural symptoms can occur, and this is called a mixed impairment in the hearing.

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Conductive Hearing Loss Causes

Conducting hearing loss happens when sounds fight from the outer ear to the eardrum. These causes usually affect sound perception only, and sound often appears to be weaker than usual. Certain reasons for conduction loss include:

  • Ear wax build up

  • Mid ear fluid build-up

  • Mid ear (otosclerosis) abnormal bone growth

  • Infections of the mid-ear (otitis media)


With hearing aids in OKC, certain types of conductive hearing loss can be corrected. If the Corti organ in the cochlea normally functions, hearing aids can help the outer or middle ear to transmit sound. Other types of conductive loss of hearing may be medically or operatively treated. The conduction loss may not be reversed completely by medical procedures. Hearing aids can therefore often benefit people with conductive hearing loss.

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