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What Happens When Hearing Loss Goes Untreated?

Why do some individuals experience denial and refuse to seek out a specialist for hearing? The truth is, there are several reasons for putting off a visit to the hearing specialist, and usually it has to do with the stigma associated with hearing loss, as well as feelings of isolation. Hearing Loss And Stigma Luckily, [...]

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How To Select The Best Hearing Aids For 2018

In an ever-changing field like hearing devices, it can be hard to select the best ones because of modern technological advancements. Nowadays, and even more so in the New Year, hearing devices are getting smaller and smaller and have the capability to attach to the ear either internally or externally. Aside from becoming truly invisible, [...]

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What Is Tinnitus And How Can My Doctor Help?

If you are experiencing a repetitive sound or noise in your ears, you may be asking yourself, "What is Tinnitus?" Tinnitus, though not a disease, is usually the symptom of an underlying health issue. Tinnitus refers to a subjective noise in the ears that does not come from an external source and often sounds like [...]

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