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Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss

We at OHC like to be at the forefront of sharing educational information about hearing and hearing loss. Whether it be about what's the best hearing aid for you, or new information coming in about the causes of hearing loss, we are here to support you. We have been really loving the information we are [...]

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May is Better Hearing Month

Did you know that May is Better Hearing Month? This is a month dedicated to the appreciation of and education about hearing loss, and how people can protect their hearing to maintain the best hearing possible. We at OHC pride ourselves in being able to promote what we think are the most effective hearing aids, [...]

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Leisure Activities Rife With Loud Noise

May Is Better Hearing & Speech Month; Oklahoma-Based Audiologist Offers Simple Steps To Protect Your Hearing for a Lifetime (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – May 3, 2017) With more than half of Americans who experience noise-induced hearing loss not working in noisy jobs, the spotlight turns to what Americans are doing in their leisure time. May [...]

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