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Hearing Loss and The Today Show.

People tend to think of hearing loss as something that mostly impacts the elderly, or, as an inevitability of getting older. As it turns out, hearing loss is impacting people under 65, and the degree to which this is happening is related to modern day life. There are different types of hearing loss—sometimes it is [...]

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Age-related Hearing Loss Linked to Genes, Research Finds

According to an announcement from UC San Francisco (UCSF), a study of patient electronic medical records and genome sequences from adults with age-related hearing impairment by researchers at UCSF and Kaiser Permanente Northern California, has identified two genetic variations linked to age-related hearing loss. A paper on the study, which was led by Thomas Hoffmann, [...]

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Hearing Loss: Thriving at Work.

When people think about those who suffer from hearing loss, they may wonder what it would be like. It can be difficult to imagine all of the different ways that hearing loss could impact one’s daily life. In particular, when it comes to work and professional life—depending on the level of hearing loss and the [...]

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