Patient Forms


The forms below are available for download in PDF format. Click on the button to download. Please print the forms as necessary. These forms are not meant to be used in any other way other than that intended by Oklahoma Hearing Center.

Thank you for calling to make an appointment with one of Oklahoma’s premiere hearing specialists at Oklahoma Hearing Center. Checking to see what hearing loss solutions are available for you is the first step to taking back the life style you want to maintain.

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Financial Policy, Ownership and Disclosure Form

OHC Pediatric Case History Form

For new patients under 18 years old, please complete this questionnaire which describes birth history, including speech and hearing problems experienced by the child. Please note pregnancy history, birth development and previous hearing loss treatment.

OHC Adult Case History Form

Coming to see us for treatment of hearing loss? This form is required for all new patients 18 years and older. Please complete all questions including current medications, hearing history & symptoms. Thank you!

Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act Form

Patient Registration Form

Consent Form