When and Why You Should Seek Treatment for Your Hearing Problems

To have trouble hearing is a common ailment in the United States and around the world, but people often hold back on going to see a hearing specialist. They assume that their condition is not worth seeing a doctor, but in reality, there are many reasons to see an audiologist at Oklahoma Hearing Center’s OKHC [...]

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What Is Tinnitus And How Can My Doctor Help?

If you are experiencing a repetitive sound or noise in your ears, you may be asking yourself, "What is Tinnitus?" Tinnitus, though not a disease, is usually the symptom of an underlying health issue. Tinnitus refers to a subjective noise in the ears that does not come from an external source and often sounds like [...]

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2017 Best Hearing Aids

We at OHC care deeply about hearing and hearing loss. It is important to us to make sure that our patients and potential patients have the best information available to them about all things related to hearing and hearing loss. This includes being able to recommend people to the hearing aid companies that we perceive [...]

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Patients and their Psychosocial Concerns

Poost-Foroosh, Jennings, and colleagues (2011) reported eight key factors occurring between the patient and Audiologist that may influence the decision to purchase hearing aids: Patient comfort An understanding of and provision for patient needs Patient-centered traits and actions Acknowledgement of the patient as an individual Imposition of undue pressure and discomfort Presentation of device information [...]

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Is Someone You Love Having Trouble Hearing?

Hearing loss can be a sensitive subject, no matter your age.  Many people view it as a sign of growing older, but even young people can have trouble hearing.  If you suspect that a loved one has become hard of hearing, here are a few suggestions to start a conversation about the problem without making [...]

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